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Annihilating Noise (2020)
Hegarty, P. (2020). Annihilating Noise. New York: Bloomsbury Publishing

Noise has become a model of cultural and theoretical thinking over the last two decades. Following Hegarty's influential 2007 book, Noise/Music, Annihilating Noise discusses in 16 essays how noise offers a way of thinking critical resistance, disrupt... Read More about Annihilating Noise.

Soma Design and Sensory Misalignment (2020)
Conference Proceeding
Tennent, P., Marshall, J., Tsaknaki, V., Windlin, C., Höök, K., & Alfaras, M. (2020). Soma Design and Sensory Misalignment. In CHI '20: Proceedings of the 2020 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems. , (1-12).

We report on a workshop bringing together researchers working in soma design and sensory misalignment. Creating experiences that make use of sensory misalignment has become increasingly common, often associated with virtual reality research. However,... Read More about Soma Design and Sensory Misalignment.