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Metal–organic frameworks constructed from Group 1 metals (Li, Na) and silicon-centered linkers

Pugh, David; Ashworth, Emma; Robertson, Karen; Delmas, Luke C.; White, Andrew J. P.; Horton, Peter N.; Tizzard, Graham J.; Coles, Simon J.; Lickiss, Paul D.; Davies, Robert P.


David Pugh

Emma Ashworth

Luke C. Delmas

Andrew J. P. White

Peter N. Horton

Graham J. Tizzard

Simon J. Coles

Paul D. Lickiss

Robert P. Davies


A series of “light metal” metal–organic frameworks containing secondary building units (SBUs) based on Li+ and Na+ cations have been prepared using the silicon-centered linkers MexSi(p-C6H4CO2H)4-x (x = 2, 1, 0). The unipositive charge, small size, and oxophilic nature of the metal cations give rise to some unusual and unique SBUs, including a three-dimensional nodal structure built from sodium and oxygen ions when using the triacid linker (x = 1). The same linker with Li+ cations generated a chiral, helical SBU, formed from achiral starting materials. One-dimensional rod SBUs are observed for the diacid (x = 2) and tetra-acid (x = 0) linkers with both Li+ and Na+ cations, where the larger size of Na+ compared to Li+ leads to subtle differences in the constitution of the metal nodes.

Journal Article Type Article
Publication Date Jan 2, 2019
Journal Crystal Growth & Design
Print ISSN 1528-7483
Electronic ISSN 1528-7505
Publisher American Chemical Society
Peer Reviewed Peer Reviewed
Volume 19
Issue 1
Pages 487-497
APA6 Citation Pugh, D., Ashworth, E., Robertson, K., Delmas, L. C., White, A. J. P., Horton, P. N., …Davies, R. P. (2019). Metal–organic frameworks constructed from Group 1 metals (Li, Na) and silicon-centered linkers. Crystal Growth and Design, 19(1), 487-497.
Keywords General Materials Science; General Chemistry; Condensed Matter Physics
Publisher URL