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Identifying predictors of placebo response in osteoarthritis clinical trials of three agents with different routes of delivery: a meta-analysis using individual patient data

Stocks, Joanne; Persson, Monica; van Middelkoop, Marienke; Bierma-Zeinstra, Sita; Runhaar, Jos; Sawitzke, Allen; McAlindon, Timothy; Atchia, Ismael; Lambert, Robert; Hashem Hasempur, Mohammad; Walsh, David; Doherty, Michael; Zhang, Weiya


Joanne Stocks

Mohammad Hashem Hasempur

David Walsh

Michael Doherty

Weiya Zhang

Monica Persson

Marienke van Middelkoop

Sita Bierma-Zeinstra

Jos Runhaar

Allen Sawitzke

Timothy McAlindon

Ismael Atchia

Robert Lambert

Presentation Conference Type Speech
Start Date May 2, 2019
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