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Biography My main research interest is the application of computer simulation to study human-centric complex adaptive systems. I am a strong advocate of Object Oriented Agent-Based Social Simulation (OOABSS). This is a novel and highly interdisciplinary research field, involving disciplines like Social Science, Economics, Psychology, Mental Health, Operations Research, Geography, and Computer Science. My current research focus is twofold. On the methodological frontier I am advancing model development strategies for OOABS. On the practical frontier I am looking at novel uses of simulation for studying urban sustainability. I am also a co-investigator in several related projects and a member of the UoN "Sustainable and Resilient Cities" Research Priority Area management team.
Research Interests agent-based modelling; agent-based social simulation; test-driven simulation modelling; co-creation of agent-based social simulation models; using a co-creation approach for information gathering; sustainable and resilient cities; future mobility modelling methods
Teaching and Learning Simulation and Optimisation for Decision Support; Software Maintenance; Software Engineering; Java Programming