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Fine mapping of the pond snail left-right asymmetry (chirality) locus using RAD-Seq and fibre-FISH

Liu, Mengning Maureen; Davey, J.W.; Banerjee, Ruby; Han, Jie; Yang, Fengtang; Aboobaker, Aziz; Blaxter, Mark L.; Davison, Angus


Mengning Maureen Liu

J.W. Davey

Ruby Banerjee

Jie Han

Fengtang Yang

Aziz Aboobaker

Mark L. Blaxter

Angus Davison


The left-right asymmetry of snails, including the direction of shell coiling, is determined by the delayed effect of a maternal gene on the chiral twist that takes place during early embryonic cell divisions. Yet, despite being a well-established classical problem, the identity of the gene and the means by which left-right asymmetry is established in snails remain unknown. We here demonstrate the power of new genomic approaches for identification of the chirality gene, “D”. First, heterozygous (Dd) pond snails Lymnaea stagnalis were self-fertilised or backcrossed, and the genotype of more than six thousand offspring inferred, either dextral (DD/Dd) or sinistral (dd). Then, twenty of the offspring were used for Restriction-site-Associated DNA Sequencing (RAD-Seq) to identify anonymous molecular markers that are linked to the chirality locus. A local genetic map was constructed by genotyping three flanking markers in over three thousand snails. The three markers lie either side of the chirality locus, with one very tightly linked (

Journal Article Type Article
Publication Date Aug 12, 2013
Journal PLoS ONE
Electronic ISSN 1932-6203
Publisher Public Library of Science
Peer Reviewed Peer Reviewed
Volume 8
Issue 8
Article Number e71067
Institution Citation Liu, M. M., Davey, J., Banerjee, R., Han, J., Yang, F., Aboobaker, A., …Davison, A. (2013). Fine mapping of the pond snail left-right asymmetry (chirality) locus using RAD-Seq and fibre-FISH. PLoS ONE, 8(8), doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0071067
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