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Doctor of Philosophy
Doctorate (PhD or DPhil)

Level Doctorate (PhD or DPhil)
Student Dr CHAI LEE
Status Complete
Part Time No
Years 2013 - 2017
Project Title Extraction of Plant-based Bio-flocculant from Okra using Hydrothermal and Microwave Extraction Methods combined with a Techno-economic Assessment
Project Description  Developed the conventional hydrothermal and microwave heating methods to extract bio-flocculant from okra pods by using water as the solvent
 Studied the effects of extraction conditions (temperature, time, solvent loading, agitation speed and particle size of okra material) to the yield by using design of experiment (DoE) and optimised the extraction conditions
 Optimised the bio-flocculating and sludge dewatering abilities of bio-flocculant in terms of suspended solids removal and water recovery in order to have comparable performance as polyacrylamides
 Investigated the application of okra bio-flocculant in wastewater treatment (removal of suspended solids) and sludge dewatering
 Analysed the dielectric properties of okra and solvent in order to understand the selective heating phenomenon that was occurred during the microwave extraction process
 Developed the conventional hydrothermal and microwave extraction mechanisms with heat and mass transfer phenomena that explained how the microwave selective heating in few minutes can lead to enhanced plant cell wall rupture and increased in extraction yield of bio-flocculant when compared to conventional extraction
 Conducted the techno-economic assessment of a continuous mode industrial-scale (220 tonnes/year production rate) bio-flocculant production process and analysed the factors that significantly influenced the production cost with sensitivity analysis in order to assess the economic feasibility to scale up the process
Awarding Institution University of Nottingham
Second Supervisor ELEANOR BINNER
Additional Supervisor RACHEL GOMES