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Nanostructured TTT(TCNQ)2 organic crystals as promising thermoelectric n-type materials: 3D modeling

Sanduleac, Ionel; Casian, Anatolie

Nanostructured TTT(TCNQ)2 organic crystals as promising thermoelectric n-type materials: 3D modeling Thumbnail


Ionel Sanduleac

Anatolie Casian


Thermoelectric properties of quasi-one-dimensional TTT(TCNQ)2 organic crystals are investigated in order to appreciate the prospect of using this compound as n–type thermoelectric material. A more complete three-dimensional (3D) physical model is elaborated. It takes into account two the most important interactions of conduction electrons with longitudinal acoustic phonons, the electrons’ scattering on neighbor molecular chains, as well as the scattering by impurities and defects. The electrical conductivity, thermopower, the power factor, electronic thermal conductivity and the thermoelectric figure of merit in the direction along conductive molecular chains are calculated numerically for different degrees of crystal purity. It is shown that in stoichiometric compounds the thermoelectric figure of merit ZT remains small even after the increase of crystal perfection degree. The thermoelectric properties may be significantly enhanced by simultaneous increase of crystal perfection and of electron concentration. The latter can be achieved by additional doping with donors. For less pure crystals, the interaction with impurities predominates over the weak interchain interaction and the simpler one-dimensional (1D) physical model is applicable. When the impurity scattering is reduced, the interchain interaction begins to limit the carrier mobility and the application of the 3D physical model is required. The optimal parameters permitting to predict ZT~ 1 are determined.


Sanduleac, I., & Casian, A. (2016). Nanostructured TTT(TCNQ)2 organic crystals as promising thermoelectric n-type materials: 3D modeling. Journal of Electronic Materials, 45(3), 1316-1320.

Journal Article Type Article
Online Publication Date Sep 8, 2015
Publication Date Mar 1, 2016
Deposit Date Jan 18, 2016
Publicly Available Date Jan 18, 2016
Journal Journal of Electronic Materials
Print ISSN 0361-5235
Electronic ISSN 1543-186X
Publisher Springer Verlag
Peer Reviewed Peer Reviewed
Volume 45
Issue 3
Pages 1316-1320
Keywords TTT(TCNQ)2, electrical conductivity, Seebeck coefficient, power factor, thermal conductivity, thermoelectric figure of merit
Public URL
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Additional Information A paper produced for the H2ESOT project, a collaborative FP7 funded project led by Professor Simon Woodward from University of Nottingham and supported under the EU ENERGY Theme for Future Emerging Technologies.

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Contract Date Jan 18, 2016


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