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Abstract Machines Overlaying Virtual Worlds on Physical Rides

Tennent, Paul; Marshall, Joe; Brundell, Patrick; Walker, Brendan; Benford, Steve


Brendan Walker

Dunford Chair in Computer Science


Brendan Walker


Overlaying virtual worlds onto existing physical rides and altering the sensations of motion can deliver new experiences of thrill, but designing how motion is mapped between physical ride and virtual world is challenging. In this paper , we present the notion of an abstract machine, a new form of intermediate design knowledge that communicates motion mappings at the level of metaphor, mechanism and implementation. Following a performance-led, in-the-wild approach we report lessons from creating and touring VR Playground, a ride that overlays four distinct abstract machines and virtual worlds on a playground swing. We compare the artist's rationale with riders' reported experiences and analysis of their physical behaviours to reveal the distinct thrills of each abstract machine. Finally, we discuss how to make and use abstract machines in terms of heuristics for designing motion mappings, principles for virtual world design and communicating experiences to riders. CCS CONCEPTS • Human-centered computing → Empirical studies in interaction design;

Start Date May 4, 2019
Publisher Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)
APA6 Citation Tennent, P., Marshall, J., Brundell, P., Walker, B., & Benford, S. (in press). Abstract Machines Overlaying Virtual Worlds on Physical Rides
Keywords Virtual Reality; Rides; Thrill; Abstract Machines; Design Knowledge; Visual Kinaesthetic Experiences


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