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A twin spool engine emulator for the study of power exchange idea

Enalou, Hossein Balaghi; Rashed, Mohamed; Kulsangcharoen, Ponggorn; Chowdhury, Shajjad; Bozhko, Serhiy


Hossein Balaghi Enalou

Mohamed Rashed

Ponggorn Kulsangcharoen

Shajjad Chowdhury

Serhiy Bozhko


The More Electric Aircraft (MEA) engine, with electrical machines on both HP and LP shafts, makes it possible to transfer power electrically from one spool to another. Preliminary results have shown considerable improvement in turbofan performance in terms of fuel consumption, engine stability and compatible thrust with flight mission. In order to prove the concept of power exchange between shafts, it is essential to design a subscale system to emulate the more electric engine (MEE). This paper describes the layout of the experimental system to emulate the MEE to study the idea of power exchange between shafts through a single dc bus architecture.

Start Date Nov 7, 2018
Publication Date Jan 14, 2019
Book Title 2018 IEEE International Conference on Electrical Systems for Aircraft, Railway, Ship Propulsion and Road Vehicles & International Transportation Electrification Conference (ESARS-ITEC)
Keywords Engine Emulator; Power Exchange; More Electric Aircraft (MEA)
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A Twin Spool Engine Emulator For The Study Of Power Exchange Idea (778 Kb)

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