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Performance interfaces and destabilisation

Reeves, Stuart; Benford, Steve; O'Malley, Claire


Dunford Chair in Computer Science

Claire O'Malley


Interaction with technology is occurring increasingly in public and semi-public
settings and as a result the roles of
spectator and performer are frequently being
challenged by the deployment of computing
systems. In this paper we discuss
how the spectator, performer and interface
feature in what we class as performance,
how we might analyse their interrelation-ships
and how traditional roles have become
destabilised historically and technologically.
In studying these relationships, we examine
technological and non-technological examples
from art, performance and exhibition design.


Reeves, S., Benford, S., & O'Malley, C. Performance interfaces and destabilisation.

Conference Name "No one opens attachments anymore'' Workshop
End Date Nov 5, 2004
Deposit Date Dec 21, 2012
Peer Reviewed Not Peer Reviewed
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