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Improved Squeaky Wheel Optimisation for Driver Scheduling

Aickelin, Uwe; Burke, Edmund; Li, Jingpeng


Uwe Aickelin

Edmund Burke

Jingpeng Li


This paper presents a technique called Improved Squeaky Wheel Optimisation (ISWO) for driver scheduling problems. It improves the original Squeaky Wheel Optimisation’s (SWO) effectiveness and execution speed by incorporating two additional steps of Selection and Mutation which implement evolution within a single solution. In the ISWO, a cycle of Analysis-Selection-Mutation-Prioritization-Construction continues until stopping conditions are reached. The Analysis step first computes the fitness of a current solution to identify troublesome components. The Selection step then discards these troublesome components probabilistically by using the fitness measure, and the Mutation step follows to further discard a small number of components at random. After the above steps, an input solution becomes partial and thus the resulting partial solution needs to be repaired. The repair is carried out by using the Prioritization step to first produce priorities that determine an order by which the following Construction step then schedules the remaining components. Therefore, the optimisation in the ISWO is achieved by solution disruption, iterative improvement and an iterative constructive repair process performed. Encouraging experimental results are reported.


Aickelin, U., Burke, E., & Li, J. Improved Squeaky Wheel Optimisation for Driver Scheduling.

Conference Name Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Parallel Problem Solving from Nature (PPSN IX)
Deposit Date Oct 12, 2007
Peer Reviewed Peer Reviewed
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