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RNA expression of TLR10 in normal equine tissues

Tarlinton, Rachael E.; Alder, Lauren; Moreton, Joanna; Maboni, G.; Emes, Richard D.; Tötemeyer, Sabine


Rachael E. Tarlinton

Lauren Alder

Joanna Moreton

G. Maboni

Professor of Bioinformatics

Sabine Tötemeyer


Background: Toll like receptors are one of the major innate immune system pathogen recognition systems. There is little data on the expression of the TLR10 member of this family in the horse.

Results: This paper describes the genetic structure of the Equine TLR10 gene and its RNA expression in a range of horse tissues. It describes the phylogenetic analysis of the Equine TLR1,6,10,2 annotations in the horse genome, firmly identifying them in their corresponding gene clades compared to other species and firmly placing the horse gene with other TLR10 genes from odd-toed ungulates. Additional 3’ transcript extensions to that annotated for TLR10 in the horse genome have been identified by analysis of RNAseq data. RNA expression of the equine TLR10 gene was highest in peripheral blood mononucleocytes and lymphoid tissue (lymph nodes and spleen), however some expression was detected in all tissues tested (jejunum, caudal mesenteric lymph nodes, bronchial lymph node, spleen, lung, colon, kidney and liver). Additional data on RNAseq expression of all equine TLR genes (1–4 and 6–10) demonstrate higher expression of TLR4 than other equine TLRs in all tissues.

Conclusion: The equine TLR10 gene displays significant homology to other mammalian TLR10 genes and could be reasonably assumed to have similar fuctions. Its RNA level expression is higher in resting state PBMCs in horses than in other tissues.

Journal Article Type Article
Publication Date Jul 19, 2016
Journal BMC Research Notes
Electronic ISSN 1756-0500
Publisher Springer Verlag
Peer Reviewed Peer Reviewed
Volume 9
Article Number 353
APA6 Citation Tarlinton, R. E., Alder, L., Moreton, J., Maboni, G., Emes, R. D., & Tötemeyer, S. (2016). RNA expression of TLR10 in normal equine tissues. BMC Research Notes, 9,
Keywords TLR10, Toll-like receptor, Horse, Equus caballus, RNA
Publisher URL
Copyright Statement Copyright information regarding this work can be found at the following address:


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Copyright Statement
Copyright information regarding this work can be found at the following address:

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