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Switching transformation for soft pneumatic adaptive shading

Aditra, R.; Beccarelli, P.; Jimenez-Bescos, C.

Switching transformation for soft pneumatic adaptive shading Thumbnail


R. Aditra

C. Jimenez-Bescos


Soft pneumatic adaptive system could be categorized based on transformation occurred. One type of transformation that was rarely discussed is the switching transformation. It was only found in switchable fritted layer cushion structure. To keep the
system rigid against external load but flexible to actuate, it alternately inflated its chambers without further stretching the material. A switching based soft pneumatic adaptive system was proposed in this article. The conceptual design and its geometrical parameters were discussed.

The structural performance was analysed and discussed by analytical method and Finite Element Method. A prototype was constructed and actuated to discuss its improvement. The analytical method suggested that actuation pressure would only be resisted by the hinge
friction, but the result from prototype showed that there was folding resistance on the membrane that also affected the actuation pressure. The structural analysis also suggested that the cap design would affect the angular stiffness of the wings insignificantly. The fabrication of prototype suggested several important criteria to be further developed, such as: (1) a simpler construction of the rigid layer of the pneumatic chamber is needed, (2) wings should be rigid to withstand wind load and light to decrease the hinge frictions.

Conference Name 10th edition of the conference on Textile Composites and Inflatable Structures (Structural Membranes 2021)
Conference Location Online
Start Date Sep 13, 2021
End Date Sep 15, 2021
Acceptance Date May 31, 2021
Online Publication Date Nov 19, 2021
Publication Date Sep 14, 2021
Deposit Date Jan 21, 2022
Publicly Available Date Jan 21, 2022
Publisher CIMNE
Public URL
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