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Effects of image reconstruction on fiber orientation mapping from multichannel diffusion MRI: reducing the noise floor using SENSE

Sotiropoulos, S.N.; Moeller, S.; Jbabdi, S.; Xu, J.; Andersson, J.L.; Auerbach, E.J.; Yacoub, E.; Feinberg, D.; Setsompop, K.; Wald, L.L.; Behrens, T.E.J.; Ugurbil, K.; Lenglet, C.


S.N. Sotiropoulos

S. Moeller

S. Jbabdi

J. Xu

J.L. Andersson

E.J. Auerbach

E. Yacoub

D. Feinberg

K. Setsompop

L.L. Wald

T.E.J. Behrens

K. Ugurbil

C. Lenglet


Purpose: To examine the effects of the reconstruction algorithm of magnitude images from multi-channel diffusion MRI on fibre orientation estimation.
Theory and Methods: It is well established that the method used to combine signals from different coil elements in multi-channel MRI can have an impact on the properties of the reconstructed magnitude image. Utilising a root-sum-of-squares (RSoS) approach results in a magnitude signal that follows an effective non-central-distribution. As a result, the noise floor, the minimum measurable in the absence of any true signal, is elevated. This is particularly relevant for diffusion-weighted MRI, where the signal attenuation is of interest.
Results: In this study, we illustrate problems that such image reconstruction characteristics may cause in the estimation of fibre orientations, both for model-based and model-free approaches, when modern 32-channel coils are employed. We further propose an alternative image reconstruction method that is based on sensitivity encoding (SENSE) and preserves the Rician nature of the single-channel, magnitude MR signal. We show that for the same k-space data, RSoS can cause excessive overfitting and reduced precision in orientation estimation compared to the SENSE-based approach.
Conclusion: These results highlight the importance of choosing the appropriate image reconstruction method for tractography studies that use multi-channel receiver coils for diffusion MRI acquisition.

Journal Article Type Article
Publication Date Nov 18, 2013
Journal Magnetic Resonance in Medicine
Print ISSN 0740-3194
Electronic ISSN 1522-2594
Publisher Wiley
Peer Reviewed Peer Reviewed
Volume 70
Issue 6
Institution Citation Sotiropoulos, S., Moeller, S., Jbabdi, S., Xu, J., Andersson, J., Auerbach, E., …Lenglet, C. (2013). Effects of image reconstruction on fiber orientation mapping from multichannel diffusion MRI: reducing the noise floor using SENSE. Magnetic Resonance in Medicine, 70(6), doi:10.1002/mrm.24623
Keywords Sum of Squares; SENSE; Rician; Non-central-X; Magnitude Image; Tractography
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