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Environmental Assessment of Recycling Carbon Fibre-Reinforced Composites: Current Challenges and Future Opportunities

Meiirbekov, Arshyn; Amantayeva, Akniyet; Tokbolat, Serik; Suleimen, Aidar; Sarfraz, Shoaib; Shehab, Essam


Arshyn Meiirbekov

Akniyet Amantayeva

Aidar Suleimen

Shoaib Sarfraz

Essam Shehab


R. Vaira Vignesh

R. Padmanaban

M. Govindaraju


The increasing application of carbon fibre-reinforced polymer composites (CFRP) across different industries raises environmental concerns. It requires focussing on the end-of-life phase of the product/material. The environmental benefits of CFRP recycling over conventional ways of treatment are apparent. However, estimating the environmental impacts is followed up with various challenges. In this study, the aspects of environmental assessment of CFRP recycling and their respective challenges are examined. CFRP recycling methods such as mechanical treatment, pyrolysis, fluidized bed process, and solvolysis have been previously studied in the context of energy and environmental assessment under the life-cycle assessment (LCA) framework. This study focussed on the identification of challenges associated with variability of applied methods used, comparability, scaling results, data, uncertainty, and resource-demanding process of LCA. Recommendations on overcoming the identified challenges are provided and discussed.

Online Publication Date Nov 19, 2022
Publication Date 2023
Deposit Date Jan 31, 2023
Publisher Springer Nature Singapore
Pages 25-49
Series Title Materials Horizons: From Nature to Nanomaterials
Book Title Advances in Processing of Lightweight Metal Alloys and Composites: Microstructural Characterization and Property Correlation
ISBN 9789811971457
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