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Introduction: What difference do sex and gender make?

Coen, Stephanie; Banister, Elizabeth


Elizabeth Banister


Elizabeth Banister


In this collection, you will find examples from a diversity of disciplines and health foci where accounting for sex and gender in health research has advanced what we know, improved how we do research and made the products of health research more useful. This is the difference that sex and gender make. What this casebook demonstrates is that this difference is significant; there is much to be gained from the routine integration of gender and sex across the health research spectrum.

Each of the 12 chapters in this volume illustrates how health research processes and outcomes can look different when the influences of sex and gender are considered. Written from a critically reflective vantage point, the chapters share researchers’ experiences in how they came to understand and engage gender and sex in their work. Questions to consider are included to encourage readers to explore ways that sex and gender can benefit their own work.

What a Difference Sex and Gender Make will be of interest to a range of audiences. For trainees and newcomers to gender, sex and health research, this casebook offers a reference point to begin a foray into the field. For researchers contemplating taking up sex and gender in their studies, this collection offers examples of how this can be done. For the wider gender, sex and health research community, this casebook aims to spark new ideas and approaches to drive the field forward. We hope that this resource will be shared with colleagues and the next generation of gender, sex and health researchers.


Coen, S., & Banister, E. (2012). Introduction: What difference do sex and gender make?. In S. Coen, & E. Banister (Eds.), What a Difference Sex and Gender Make: A Gender, Sex and Health Research Casebook. CIHR Institute of Gender and Health

Publication Date 2012
Deposit Date Jan 2, 2023
Book Title What a Difference Sex and Gender Make: A Gender, Sex and Health Research Casebook
ISBN 9781100192505
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