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A novel hybrid dew point cooling system for mobile applications

Worall, Mark; Dicken, Adam; Shatat, Mahmoud; Gledhill, Sam; Riffat, Saffa


Mark Worall

Adam Dicken

Mahmoud Shatat

Sam Gledhill

Saffa Riffat


A novel dew point cooling system for truck cabin cooling has been designed and tested, which shows excellent performance in environments of low to medium relative humidity. Experimental results showed that cooling capacity of over 1kW could be achieved with up to 12K of sensible cooling of the supply air and a COP of up to 7. The DPC unit can provide comfort cooling to a vehicle using a rooftop unit whose DPC core is no larger than 0.5m x 0.5m x 0.25m.

Start Date Sep 16, 2018
Publication Date Oct 11, 2018
Pages 104-112
Keywords indirect evaporative cooler; dew point cooler; mobile air conditioning; natural refrigerants
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