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Experimental study of liquid to air membrane energy exchanger (LAMEE) performance by measuring its temperature fields

Chu, Junze; Chen, Ziwei; Bai, Hongyu; Zhu, Jie


Junze Chu

Ziwei Chen

Hongyu Bai

Jie Zhu


Many studies have already been conducted to assess liquid to air membrane energy exchanger (LAMEE) performance by numerical and experimental methods. However, the LAMEE temperature field is still an unknown area due to the operation difficult. In this study, an experimental method is adopted to investigate the performance of LAMEE by measuring its temperature fields. The effects of main parameters such as the solution temperature, solution concentration and air relative humidity, are investigated. The results show that the air relative humidity and solution temperature have negative influences on the LAMEE efficiency. It is found that the total effectiveness reduces 2.7% and 7.7% when the air relative humidity increases from 62% to 74%, and the solution temperature changes from 18℃ to 26℃, respectively. Increasing the solution concentration decreases the sensible effectiveness while enhancing the latent and total effectiveness. The total effectiveness increases 3.5% as the solution concentration increase from 30% by 39%. These results are useful to optimize the LAMEE in the future.

Journal Article Type Article
Publication Date 2019-05
Electronic ISSN 2451-9049
Publisher Elsevier
Peer Reviewed Peer Reviewed
Volume 10
Pages 163-168
Keywords Experimental method; Parameter effects; LAMEE performance; Temperature field 22
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