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Model predictive control for the new reduced multi-level grid-connected converter

Sarbanzadeh, Maryam; Hosseinzadeh, Mohammad Ali; Saleh, Ali; Rivera, Marco; Munoz, Javier; Wheeler, Patrick


Maryam Sarbanzadeh maryam

Mohammad Ali Hosseinzadeh m.a

Ali Saleh

Marco Rivera

Javier Munoz


Reduced multi-level converters have been presented to enhance the efficiency by reducing the number of components which lead to reducing the size, volume and cost of converters. Predictive control is an advanced control strategy that is implemented for control of multi-level converters due to many advantages of fast response, no need proportional gain and easy to implement. To achieve these results, this paper proposes a predictive current control technique for a single-phase reduced multi-level grid-connected converter. The proposed reduced converter is a general topology for cascaded multi-level converters that reduce the number of components and generates high number of levels than traditional multi-level configurations. The proposed topology is connected to a grid and model predictive control technique is applied to control of the grid current. The model predictive control is used in two cases for the proposed 15-level reduced converter and proposed 31-level cascaded multi-level converter. Finally, to validate of the proposed reduced multi-level converter and proposed model predictive control the simulation results are presented under MATLAB/Simulink platform for proposed both converters.

Start Date Feb 13, 2019
Publisher Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
APA6 Citation Sarbanzadeh, M., Hosseinzadeh, M. A., Saleh, A., Rivera, M., Munoz, J., & Wheeler, P. (in press). Model predictive control for the new reduced multi-level grid-connected converter
Keywords reduced multi-level converter; model predictive control; cascaded topology
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