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Mechanical modelling of high power lateral IGBT for LED driver applications

Bailey, C.; Rajaguru, P.; Lu, H.; Castellazzi, A.; Antonini, M.; Pathirana, V.; Udugampola, N.; Udrea, F.; Mitchelson, P.D.; Aldhaher, S.


C. Bailey

P. Rajaguru

H. Lu

A. Castellazzi

M. Antonini

V. Pathirana

N. Udugampola

F. Udrea

P.D. Mitchelson

S. Aldhaher


An assembly exercise was proposed to replace the vertical MOSFET by lateral IGBTs (LIGBT) for LED driver systems which can provide significant advantages in terms of size reduction (LIGBTs are ten times smaller than vertical MOSFETs) and lower component count. A 6 circle, 5V gate, 800 V LIGBT device with dimension of 818?m x 672?m with deposited solder balls that has a radius of around 75?m was selected in this assembly exercise. The driver system uses chip on board (COB) technique to create a compact driver system which can fit into a GU10 bulb housing. The challenging aspect of the LIGBT package in high voltage application is underfill dielectric breakdown and solder fatigue failure. In order to predict the extreme electric field values of the underfill, an electrostatic finite element analysis was undertaken on the LIGBT package structure for various underfill permittivity values. From the electro static finite element analysis, the maximum electric field in the underfill was estimated as 38 V/?m. Five commercial underfills were selected for investigating the trade-off in materials properties that mitigate underfill electrical breakdown and solder joint fatigue failure. These selected underfills have dielectric breakdown higher than the predicted value from electrostatic analysis. The thermo-mechanical finite element analysis were undertaken for solder bump reliability for all the underfill materials. The underfill which can enhance the solder reliability was chosen as prime candidate.


Bailey, C., Rajaguru, P., Lu, H., Castellazzi, A., Antonini, M., Pathirana, V., …Aldhaher, S. (2018). Mechanical modelling of high power lateral IGBT for LED driver applications. In IEEE 68th Electronic Components and Technology Conference.

Conference Name 2018 IEEE 68th Electronic Components and Technology Conference (ECTC)
Start Date May 29, 2018
End Date Jun 1, 2018
Acceptance Date Jan 1, 2018
Online Publication Date Aug 9, 2018
Publication Date May 29, 2018
Deposit Date Nov 26, 2018
Publicly Available Date Nov 27, 2018
Publisher Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
Book Title IEEE 68th Electronic Components and Technology Conference
ISBN 9781538649985
Keywords LIGBT; LED; Fatigue; Underfill
Public URL
Publisher URL
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Mechanical Modelling Of High Power Lateral IGBT For LED Driver Applications (982 Kb)

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