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Ozone and climate governance: an implausible path dependence (2018)
Journal Article
Grundmann, R. (2018). Ozone and climate governance: an implausible path dependence. Comptes Rendus Géoscience, doi:10.1016/j.crte.2018.07.008. ISSN 1631-0713

Many observers and commentators have used the case of ozone science and politics as a role model for climate science and politics. Two crucial assumptions underpin this view: (1) that science drives policymaking, and (2) that a unified, international... Read More

The discourse of austerity in the British press (2018)
Grundmann, R., Kreischer, K., & Scott, M. (2018). The discourse of austerity in the British press. In T. Griebel, R. Sturm, & T. Winkelmann (Eds.), Austerity: a journey to an unknown territory: discourses, economics and politicsNomos. doi:10.5771/9783845281728-92

In this paper we analyse the discourse of austerity in British broadsheets. Theoretically, we combine insights from discourse analysis and political science. Methodologically, we present a novel procedure to build and analyse a robust corpus derived... Read More

Beyond counting climate consensus (2017)
Journal Article
Pearce, W., Grundmann, R., Hulme, M., Raman, S., Hadley Kershaw, E., & Tsouvalis, J. (in press). Beyond counting climate consensus. Environmental Communication, 11(6), doi:10.1080/17524032.2017.1333965. ISSN 1752-4032

Several studies have been using quantified consensus within climate science as an argument to foster climate policy. Recent efforts to communicate such scientific consensus attained a high public profile but it is doubtful if they can be regarded suc... Read More