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Potential improvements in turbofan idle steady state and transient performance

Enalou, Hossein Balaghi; Rashed, Mohamed; Bozhko, Serhiy

Potential improvements in  turbofan idle steady state and transient performance Thumbnail


Hossein Balaghi Enalou

Mohamed Rashed


Once the engine is designed, imbalanced air massflow between LP and HP compressors at low speed settings is inevitable which enforces implementing of bleeding. However, by emerging More Electric Aircraft (MEA) with electrical machines on both HP and LP shafts and the advancements in power electronics, it is possible to transfer power electrically from one spool to another. This will result in enabling the engine core components to operate closer to their optimum design point and balancing the air massflow between compressors. At lower power setting of the engine, HPC speed can be increased by taking power from LP shaft and feeding it to HP shaft which can lead to removal of bleeding system which in turn reduces weight and fuel consumption and help overcoming engine stability issues. Fuel consumption can be decreased by decreasing inconsistent thrust with the aircraft mission for flight and ground idle settings. This paper investigates the novel idea of power circulation between shafts using turbofan model developed by ICV method. Results show considerable improvement in efficiency while transient response for severe transient maneuvers is also improved considerably with the new configuration.

Conference Name SAE 2018 The Aerospace Systems and Technology Conference
Start Date Nov 6, 2018
End Date Nov 8, 2018
Acceptance Date Sep 28, 2018
Online Publication Date Nov 8, 2018
Publication Date Nov 8, 2018
Deposit Date Jan 4, 2019
Publicly Available Date Mar 12, 2020
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