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Analysis of Curriculum and Pedagogies

McLean, Monica


Monica McLean


Curriculum here is defined as what knowledge, skills and values are taught and pedagogy as how they are taught and learned. Good quality higher education curriculum and pedagogy are the vehicles for the reproduction of knowledge, skills and values which allow social mobility and contribute to flourishing economies and democracies. societies’ well-being, which are central goals for contemporary global higher education. Yet, as more students from more diverse backgrounds take up higher education, some argue that in a neo-liberal political context it is losing sight of these goals: systems are stratified, serving students from high-income backgrounds better than those from low-income backgrounds; and, the emphasis is on higher education being a private good for individual advancement rather than a public good for contributions both to economies and to welfare services, this emphasis, in turn, produces students more interested in results than knowledge acquisition. This entry therefore discusses both the connections between curriculum, pedagogy and inequality and what is understood by good-quality higher-education curriculum and pedagogy.


McLean, M. (in press). Analysis of Curriculum and Pedagogies. In The Sage Encyclopaedia of Higher EducationSAGE Publications (UK and US)

Acceptance Date Sep 13, 2018
Deposit Date Dec 11, 2018
Publisher SAGE Publications (UK and US)
Book Title The Sage Encyclopaedia of Higher Education
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