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Two quadrant analogue squarer circuit based on MOS square-law characteristic (1991)
Journal Article
Craven, M., & Hayes-Gill, B. (1991). Two quadrant analogue squarer circuit based on MOS square-law characteristic. Electronics Letters, 27(25), 2307–2308. doi:10.1049/el:19911429

A novel analogue CMOS circuit is presented which performs the arithmetical squaring of a voltage, using the square-law characteristic of the MOS transistor in saturation. The core circuit is constructed from four identical building blocks, which are... Read More

Frequency division multiplexing in analogue neural network (1991)
Journal Article
Hayes-Gill, B., & Craven, M. (1991). Frequency division multiplexing in analogue neural network. Electronics Letters, 27(11), 918-920. doi:10.1049/el:19910575

Frequency division multiplexing has been studied as a means of communication between neural layers in an analogue multilayered perceptron neural network architecture, trained using the back-propagation learning algorithm. Simulation results on networ... Read More

Immunology (1991)
Book Chapter
Behnke, J. M. (1991). Immunology. In P. Ball, & H. Gilles (Eds.), Hookworm infectionsElsevier

An overview (1991)
Book Chapter
Behnke, J. M., & Wakelin, D. (1991). An overview. In H. Gilles, & P. Ball (Eds.), Hookworm infectionsElsevier

Functional Programming With Relations (1991)
Conference Proceeding
Hutton, G. (1991). Functional Programming With Relations

While programming in a relational framework has much to offer over the functional style in terms of expressiveness, computing with relations is less efficient, and more semantically troublesome. In this paper we propose a novel blend of the function... Read More