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Healing runes (2019)
Conference Proceeding
Jesch, J., & Lee, C. (in press). Healing runes. In Viking Encounters: Proceedings of the 18th Viking Congress

Trauma in Medieval Society (2018)
W. J. Turner, & C. Lee (Eds.), (2018). Trauma in Medieval Society. doi:10.1163/9789004363786

Trauma in Medieval Society is an edited collection of articles from a variety of scholars on the history of trauma and the traumatised in medieval Europe. Looking at trauma as a theoretical concept, as part of the literary and historical lives of med... Read More

Healing words: St Guthlac and the trauma of war (2018)
Lee, C. (2018). Healing words: St Guthlac and the trauma of war. In W. Turner, & C. Lee (Eds.), Trauma in the Medieval society, 269-273. Leiden: Brill Academic Publishers. doi:10.1163/9789004363786_013

Invisible enemies (2014)
Book Chapter
Lee, C. (2014). Invisible enemies. In C. Lee, & S. Crawford (Eds.), Social Dimensions of Medieval Disease and DisabilityArchaeopress