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An illustrated guide to the land snails and slugs of Vietnam

Raheem, Dinarzarde C.; Backeljau, Thierry; Pearce-Kelly, Paul; Taylor, Harry; Fenn, Jonathan; Sutcharit, Chirasak; Panha, Somsak; von Oheimb, Katharina C.M.; von Oheimb, Parm Viktor; Ikebe, Chiho; P�ll-Gergely, Barna; Gargominy, Olivier; V?n H�o, Lu'o'ng; V?n S�ng, Ph?m; V?n T?, ?�; Th? Ph�ng, ?inh; Naggs, Manel; Ablett, Jon; Mackenzie Dodds, Jackie; Wade, Christopher M.; Naggs, Fred


Dinarzarde C. Raheem

Thierry Backeljau

Paul Pearce-Kelly

Harry Taylor

Jonathan Fenn

Chirasak Sutcharit

Somsak Panha

Katharina C.M. von Oheimb

Parm Viktor von Oheimb

Chiho Ikebe

Barna P�ll-Gergely

Olivier Gargominy

Lu'o'ng V?n H�o

Ph?m V?n S�ng

?� V?n T?

?inh Th? Ph�ng

Manel Naggs

Jon Ablett

Jackie Mackenzie Dodds

Assistant Professor

Fred Naggs


Raheem, D. C., Backeljau, T., Pearce-Kelly, P., Taylor, H., Fenn, J., Sutcharit, C., …Naggs, F. (2017). An illustrated guide to the land snails and slugs of Vietnam. [Fieldguide]

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Publication Date 2017
Deposit Date Aug 9, 2022
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