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Rutland 7TMR Cardiomyopathy

Kubale, Valentina; Prozorowska, Ewelina; Glocová, Kristýna; Slater, Lucy; Rutland, Catrin


Valentina Kubale

Ewelina Prozorowska

Kristýna Glocová

Lucy Slater

Catrin Rutland


D.C. Gaze


The G-protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs, also called seven-transmembrane receptor, 7TMRs, or heptahelical receptor) are a conserved family of seven transmembrane receptors which are essential not only in the healthy heart and blood vessels but also in for treatment and therapy of cardiovascular disease and failure. Heart failure is a global leading cause of morbidity and death and as such understanding 7TMRs, their functions, structures and potential for therapy is essential. This review will investigate the roles of the receptors in the healthy functioning cardiovascular system, and in cardiac disorders with an emphasis in cardiomyopathy. It will also explore the role of autoimmunity and autoantibodies against the G-protein-coupled receptors in cardiomyopathy.

Publication Date May 19, 2020
APA6 Citation Kubale, V., Prozorowska, E., Glocová, K., Slater, L., & Rutland, C. (2020). Rutland 7TMR Cardiomyopathy. In D. Gaze (Ed.), United Kingdom: IntechOpen.
Keywords angiotensin, adrenoreceptors, cardiomyopathy, heart disease, endothelin-1, muscarinic receptors, vascular
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