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The AIR model (Activities, Internal world, Relationships): a pragmatic framework for evaluating co-design

Gosling, Julie; Craven, Michael P; Dening, Tom; Coleston-Shields, Dons; Aberturas, Adriana G; Martín, Sandra G; Muñoz, Marcos; Ruiz, Guillermo B; Bueno, Yolanda; Almeida, Rosa; Català, Andreu; Karahanoglu, Armağan; Ludden, Geke D S; Lim, Jennifer; Smith, Tina; Niedderer, Kristina; Lüneburg, Lisa-Marie; Tournier, Isabelle; Abrilahij, Afsaneh


Julie Gosling

Michael P Craven

Tom Dening

Dons Coleston-Shields

Adriana G Aberturas

Sandra G Martín

Marcos Muñoz

Guillermo B Ruiz

Yolanda Bueno

Rosa Almeida

Andreu Català

Armağan Karahanoglu

Geke D S Ludden

Jennifer Lim

Tina Smith

Kristina Niedderer

Lisa-Marie Lüneburg

Isabelle Tournier

Afsaneh Abrilahij


Kristina Niedderrer

Geke Ludden

Rebecca Cain

Christian Wölfel


A pragmatic model, AIR (Activities; Internal world; Relationships), is presented for co-design of technologies and products to support well-being of people living with dementia. This model, co-developed with people with lived experience, is aimed at including psychosocial aspects in the prototype development process. The model is then related to a form of mindful evaluation framework that can be employed during the prototype testing of co-designed solutions. The components of this evaluation framework and associated instruments are described.

Start Date Sep 19, 2019
Publication Date Dec 12, 2019
Volume International MinD Conference 2019 - Designing with and for People with Dementia: Well-being, Empowerment and Happiness
Pages 27-38
ISBN 9783959081832
APA6 Citation Gosling, J., Craven, M. P., Dening, T., Coleston-Shields, D., Aberturas, A. G., Martín, S. G., …Abrilahij, A. (2019). The AIR model (Activities, Internal world, Relationships): a pragmatic framework for evaluating co-design. In K. Niedderrer, G. Ludden, R. Cain, & C. Wölfel (Eds.),
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Gosling Craven Et Al - AIR Model - International MinD Conference 2019 (351 Kb)

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