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Towards Optimal Design of Rainbow Metamaterials

Meng, Han; Chronopoulos, Dimitrios; Fabro, Adriano T


Han Meng

Dimitrios Chronopoulos

Adriano T Fabro


Nonperiodic metamaterials can have better vibration attenuation than periodic metamaterials with properly designed resonator distributions. In this study, we propose optimal design routes for rainbow metamaterials. The rainbow metamaterials are nonperiodic structures that are composed of Π-shaped beams as backbones and attached spatially varying cantilever-mass resonators. The main optimization objective is to obtain good vibration attenuation within frequency of interests. Frequency response functions of the rainbow metamaterials are first calculated by an analytical model that is built on the basis of the displacement transfer matrix method. Two optimization objective functions are developed with the maximum and average receptance values within a prescribed frequency range respectively. The mass of resonators acts as design variables. The objective functions are later solved by virtue of the Genetic Algorithm method. The optimized rainbow metamaterials show good vibration attenuation in the prescribed optimization frequency range.

Start Date Sep 1, 2019
Publication Date Sep 4, 2019
APA6 Citation Meng, H., Chronopoulos, D., & Fabro, A. T. (2019). Towards Optimal Design of Rainbow Metamaterials
Keywords Rainbow metamaterial; Optimization; Vibration attenuation; Ge- netic Algorithm
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