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Machine learning-based prediction of breast cancer growth rate in-vivo

Bhattarai, Shristi; Klimov, Sergey; Aleskandarany, Mohammed A; Burrell, Helen; Wormall, Anthony; Green, Andrew R; Rida, Padmashree; Ellis, Ian O; Osan, Remus M; Rakha, Emad A; Aneja, Ritu


Shristi Bhattarai

Sergey Klimov

Helen Burrell

Anthony Wormall

Andrew R Green

Padmashree Rida

Remus M Osan

Emad A Rakha

Ritu Aneja


Determining the rate of breast cancer (BC) growth in vivo, which can predict prognosis, has remained elusive despite its relevance for treatment, screening recommendations and medicolegal practice. We developed a model that predicts the rate of in vivo tumour growth using a unique study cohort of BC patients who had two serial mammograms wherein the tumour, visible in the diagnostic mammogram, was missed in the first screen.

A serial mammography-derived in vivo growth rate (SM-INVIGOR) index was developed using tumour volumes from two serial mammograms and time interval between measurements. We then developed a machine learning-based surrogate model called Surr-INVIGOR using routinely assessed biomarkers to predict in vivo rate of tumour growth and extend the utility of this approach to a larger patient population. Surr-INVIGOR was validated using an independent cohort.

SM-INVIGOR stratified discovery cohort patients into fast-growing versus slow-growing tumour subgroups, wherein patients with fast-growing tumours experienced poorer BC-specific survival. Our clinically relevant Surr-INVIGOR stratified tumours in the discovery cohort and was concordant with SM-INVIGOR. In the validation cohort, Surr-INVIGOR uncovered significant survival differences between patients with fast-growing and slow-growing tumours.

Our Surr-INVIGOR model predicts in vivo BC growth rate during the pre-diagnostic stage and offers several useful applications.

Journal Article Type Article
Publication Date Aug 9, 2019
Print ISSN 0007-0920
Publisher Cancer Research UK
Peer Reviewed Peer Reviewed
Volume 121
Pages 497–504
Institution Citation Bhattarai, S., Klimov, S., Aleskandarany, M. A., Burrell, H., Wormall, A., Green, A. R., …Aneja, R. (2019). Machine learning-based prediction of breast cancer growth rate in-vivo. British Journal of Cancer, 121, 497–504.
Keywords Breast cancer; growth rate; predictors; in-vivo; mammograms
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