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Self-report central mechanisms trait predicts knee pain persistence in the Knee Pain In the Community (KPIC) cohort

McWilliams, Daniel; Akin-Akinyosoye, Kehinde; Walsh, David; Frowd, Nadia; Swaithes, Laura; Fernandes, Gwen; Stocks, Joanne; Sarmanova, Aliya; Zhang, Weiya; Doherty, Michael; Valdes, Ana; Ferguson, Eamonn


Daniel McWilliams

Michael Doherty

Ana Valdes

Eamonn Ferguson

Kehinde Akin-Akinyosoye

David Walsh

Nadia Frowd

Laura Swaithes

Gwen Fernandes

Joanne Stocks

Aliya Sarmanova

Weiya Zhang

Presentation Conference Type Poster
Start Date Apr 30, 2019


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