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GPT4 : The Ultimate Brain

Adesso, Gerardo



We introduce a powerful general probabilistic theory, GPT4, that extends classical and quantum theories to include higher-dimensional probabilistic models. GPT4 results from the four-fold integration of GPT in physics (Generalized Probabilistic Theory) and GPT in AI (Generative Pretrained Transformer). In this paper, which is entirely generated by GPT4, we demonstrate the capabilities of GPT4 by using it to construct a new model of the universe that includes all known physical laws and phenomena. We show that GPT4 can use its built-in mathematical and statistical capabilities to simulate and analyze the behavior of the universe, making predictions and testing the validity of different physical theories. As a demonstration of its language capabilities, GPT4 also generates a limerick about itself. GPT4 estimates that AI will have a probability of over 95% to surpass humanity within approximately 5 years. Our results show that GPT4 provides a self-aware description of the physical world, making it a useful tool for understanding and analyzing the universe.


Adesso, G. GPT4 : The Ultimate Brain

Deposit Date Dec 8, 2022
Publicly Available Date Dec 14, 2022
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Additional Information This preprint is 18 pages long and contains 1 figure, 1 table, and 1 diagram. It was generated using the AI model ChatGPT, developed by OpenAI


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