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Defect chemistry and electrical properties of sodium bismuth titanate perovskite

Yang, F.; Li, M.; Li, L.; Wu, P.; Pradal-Velázquez, E.; Sinclair, D. C.


F. Yang

Assistant Professor

L. Li

P. Wu

E. Pradal-Velázquez

D. C. Sinclair


The ferroelectric perovskite Na0.5Bi0.5TiO3, NBT, can exhibit three types of electrical behaviour, i.e. oxide-ion conduction (type I), mixed ionic–electronic conduction (type II) and insulating/dielectric (type III) based on various defect mechanisms. Here we review how to tune the electrical properties of NBT via several mechanisms, including A-site Na or Bi non-stoichiometry, isovalent substitution, and acceptor- and donor-doping. The diversity of the electrical behaviour in the NBT lattice is attributed to the high level of oxide-ion conductivity originating from highly mobile oxygen ions which can be fine-tuned to optimise or suppress ionic conduction. High oxide-ion conductivity can be obtained by manipulating the starting Na/Bi ≥1 and by acceptor-doping to make NBT a potential electrolyte material for intermediate temperature solid oxide fuel cells (IT-SOFCs). In contrast, the oxide-ion conduction can be partially or fully suppressed by having a starting (nominal) composition with Na/Bi less than 1, donor-doping, or utilising the trapping effect between oxygen vacancies and some B-site acceptor dopants. This significantly reduces the dielectric loss and makes NBT-based materials excellent candidates as high-temperature dielectrics for capacitor applications.

Journal Article Type Article
Publication Date Mar 27, 2018
Journal Journal of Materials Chemistry A
Print ISSN 2050-7488
Electronic ISSN 2050-7496
Publisher Royal Society of Chemistry
Peer Reviewed Peer Reviewed
Volume 6
Issue 13
Pages 5243-5254
APA6 Citation Yang, F., Li, M., Li, L., Wu, P., Pradal-Velázquez, E., & Sinclair, D. C. (2018). Defect chemistry and electrical properties of sodium bismuth titanate perovskite. Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 6(13), 5243-5254. doi:10.1039/c7ta09245h
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Defect chemistry and electrical properties of sodium bismuth titanate perovskite (1.9 Mb)

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